The True Spirit of Jimboomba Childcare & Community

Childcare Jimboomba

At Jimboomba Education & Childcare we count ourselves very lucky to have such a generous network of people who are willing to give their own time and money when it’s needed most!

Earlier this year, we experienced a bit of a natural disaster, as floods submerged our education and childcare centre buildings.

Childcare Jimboomba

Our dedicated and long serving maintenance man, Steve, initiated a clean up in his own personal time, as he felt it was part of his duty to help get the centre up and running for the children.

Steve, his daughter, and his son-in-law, who have a daughter attending the centre, spent many days after the flood cleaning, sanitising and repairing outdoor equipment.

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We were absolutely taken a’back by the incredibly generous Jimboomba community who couldn’t just stand back and watch their fellow early childhood educators clean up. Together, everyone lended a hand to ensure the centre could re-open for the children and families as soon as possible.

Teenies Lead Educator, Pamela Marshall said, she was aware of the water levels rising at her own home, so she felt she needed to check on her second home at Jimboomba Education & Childcare. Lucky for us, she didn’t hesitate to show up and save our little Early Birds’ fairy garden and other play equipment in the yard.

As Pamela said, “It’s just part of my generous, caring nature to get in and get the job done, especially since [the owners] could not get to the centre that day.”

As Jimboomba Centre Director, Vicki Ward said, “It’s just a natural human instinct to help others in a time of need, especially a place you call home.”

Childcare Jimboomba  Childcare Jimboomba

No matter what our role or responsibility within the centre is, everyone helps each other in some way.

Whether it’s through actions or just words of support, we always band together as one. That’s the Jimboomba community spirit.

As the saying goes, “We get knocked down, but we get up again, there is nothing going to keep us down.”